Summer 2021


Gift planning information and inspiration for the Tufts community


The extraordinary circumstances of the past year have brought out the best in our alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends, who have rallied to help one another and Tufts.

We are especially grateful for the outpouring of support for financial aid—a growing need university-wide. In this issue of Beacon, we celebrate members of the Charles Tufts Society, who choose to invest in our students through planned gifts.

I hope these stories will inspire you to consider supporting Tufts’ future, whether by establishing an endowed scholarship—as my wife and I did to honor my Jumbo parents—or by benefiting another university priority. Our experts in the Gift Planning Office would be happy to partner with you to explore gifts to help you achieve your philanthropic, financial, and estate planning objectives.

Your generosity enables our students to thrive at Tufts and beyond. Thank you.


Eric C. Johnson
Senior Vice President for University Advancement

Enjoy Member Stories

Valuing perspectives and skills that last a lifetime

Art House, A64, F65, F70, A15P, F20P

“Education isn’t just preparation for jobs,” says Art House. “It’s a set of perspectives and skills you can use regardless of what changes happen in the world or where your interests lead you.”

A widely respected national security expert, House earned a BA from Tufts and a MALD and PhD from The Fletcher School.

Art House, A64, F65, F70, A15P, F20P
Arthur H. House, PhD

In 2016, he established two scholarships—one at the School of Arts and Sciences and the other at The Fletcher School. He has since added to these scholarships and is furthering his support by including a gift to both in his estate plan.

“I never would have imagined some of the different things that I’ve done in my career,” House observes, “and I couldn’t have done them without a good, solid education.” His time at Tufts and The Fletcher School prepared him for notable positions such as an economist for the World Bank, communications director for the Director of National Intelligence, and chief cybersecurity risk officer for the State of Connecticut. His daughter, Carolyn, also graduated from Tufts and The Fletcher School.

On his motivations for giving, House is pleasantly matter-of-fact: “Tufts is a great place, and it’s an institution I want to support now and in the future.”

Judith Call McCollum, D80
Judith Call McCollum, DMD, pictured with Monty

Repaying the gift of excellent dental training

Judith Call McCollum, D80

For Judith Call McCollum, DMD, one of the chief assets of her Tufts University School of Dental Medicine education was the collegial spirit of her class. “We worked really well together and helped each other,” she says. “I treasured that.” McCollum found a similar spirit of common endeavor as a dentist in the U.S. Army—and was pleased to discover that military personnel’s financial circumstances were not a factor in their care.

“I loved practicing in the Army,” she recalls, “because we could always do the right thing for the patient.” During her career, McCollum traveled extensively and received several professional honors, including the Order of Military Medical Merit and the Legion of Merit. Today, she enjoys retirement in North Carolina.

McCollum knew she wanted to “do something to help others” and ensure that today’s Tufts dental students receive an outstanding education. A bequest in her will to create the Judith Call McCollum, D80, Endowed Scholarship Fund enabled her to accomplish both. “It’s never too early,” she says, to think about estate planning, which can offer peace of mind and the deep satisfaction of “paying it forward.”

Hear About the Impact of Planned Giving

An engineering career propelled by generosity from the past

Lloyd Pote, E1937, and Taissa Gladkova, E20

Taissa Gladkova knew her future was in engineering and that her ideal undergraduate education included strong STEM and liberal arts courses as well as the freedom to explore. “That’s why Tufts spoke to me,” she says. Gladkova, whose parents are engineers and Russian immigrants, double majored in mechanical engineering and applied math and remained at Tufts to earn a master’s degree in human factors engineering. This path allows her to combine technical prowess with creative real-world problem-solving.

Lloyd Pote, E1937
Lloyd Pote working on his airplane

Gladkova’s success in the School of Engineering was boosted by the invaluable support of the Charles P. Ciaffone and Lloyd W. Pote Scholarship, created by Lloyd Pote, E37, and his business partner. Pote included a gift to the scholarship in his estate. Before he passed away in 2011, he shared that he was motivated to support students “because a Tufts education does not end at graduation.” For Gladkova, learning will continue when she embarks on her new job at the prestigious MITRE Labs in Bedford, Massachusetts. She begins her next chapter from atop the solid foundation of her Tufts education, just as Pote envisioned.

Usha Nand Sellers, J57, AG58, J84P, and husband
William W. Sellers, DMD, and Usha Nand Sellers, PhD

Finding joy in helping others pursue their dreams at Tufts

Usha Nand Sellers, J57, AG58, J84P

When Usha Nand Sellers, PhD, arrived at Tufts from India, there were few international students. Yet she felt at home and met welcoming classmates, including William “Bill” Sellers, DMD, A56, D60, J84P, which led to a 57-year marriage, four children, and 11 grandchildren.

Their ties to Tufts did not end at graduation. Usha founded and directed the Tufts Travel Learn program and is an emerita member of the Tufts Alumni Council. In addition to running a successful dental practice, Bill was an emeritus member of the Tufts Board of Trustees and served on the dental school’s Board of Advisors until his passing in 2017.

Committed to helping students, the couple established endowed scholarships at the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Dental Medicine. They also funded charitable gift annuities that will support their scholarships in the future. According to Usha, “Tufts changed our lives. It is a joy to play even a small role in helping students experience all of the benefits of a Tufts education.”

Charitable gift annuities

Charitable gift annuities provide income to you and support to Tufts University. Another great benefit is their flexibility. You can:

  • Receive fixed payments for life or provide for a parent, sibling, or friend
  • Begin payments now or select a future date that’s right for you
  • Benefit from an immediate charitable income tax deduction
  • Support the Tufts school or program that is important to you

Richard Binder, M64, and
Elaine Kotell Binder, A87P
Richard A. Binder, MD, and Elaine Kotell Binder

A gift to support medical students on “an amazing pathway”

Richard Binder, M64, and Elaine Kotell Binder, A87P

“When I was a child, I had rheumatic fever,” recalls Richard Binder, MD, “and I was mesmerized by medicine.” That fascination eventually led him to Tufts University School of Medicine and a career in hematology and oncology. “It’s been an amazing pathway. I have nothing but gratitude for the opportunity.” His wife, Elaine, who spent her career in the nonprofit sector, adds that their son and grandson also flourished as Tufts students.

The Binders established the Richard A. and Elaine Kotell Binder Endowed Scholarship in 2008 and will add to it through a gift from their charitable remainder trust. As former scholarship recipients, says Elaine, “we know personally how important [scholarships can be] to realize one’s dreams.” Through their remainder trust, the couple enjoys “both sides of the coin,” says Richard, with income and tax benefits today and a future gift to medical students. “I’m proud to be part of a profession that does so much to enrich the community and yet is so personally rewarding.”

Remembering a special companion, ensuring quality veterinary care

Linda and Marty Haspel

For Linda and Marty Haspel, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine is so important that they moved to Westborough, Massachusetts, from Cape Cod to be closer to the veterinary care they depended on over the years for many of their 13 Irish setters. They are also proud to be volunteer leaders and supporters.

In 2008, the couple was looking for ways to expand their support for Cummings School and provide for other priorities, including their granddaughters.

Linda and Marty Haspel
Linda Haspel and Martin V. Haspel, PhD, pictured with Deaglan and Connor

“Gift planning opened up new ways to contribute,” Linda explains. The Haspels designated a percentage of their trust as an unrestricted gift; this percentage has increased over the years. Later, in memory of their beloved dog Ruaidrí, they endowed a scholarship and an examination room in his name. Ruaidrí was special: an AKC Grand Champion, a therapy dog, a model who added canine style to Ralph Lauren advertisements, and a gentle and loyal companion.

With their contributions, says Linda, “we can help ensure long term that other pets and families have the best possible care from compassionate and skilled veterinarians.”

Bequests and estate commitments

Bequests and estate commitments can support any school at Tufts. There are so many ways to remember the university. You can:

  • Give a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your will or trust
  • Name Tufts as a beneficiary of a 401(k), 403(b), IRA, or other retirement account
  • Designate the university as a successor beneficiary of your donor-advised fund
  • Specify Tufts as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy

Expanding access to the Friedman School’s empowering education

Mary Kay Crepinsek, N84

Throughout her career in dietetics and nutrition research, Mary Kay Crepinsek, MS, has drawn on the clinical and scientific training she gained and inspiring mentorship she received at the Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy and the Frances Stern Nutrition Center. Prior to her retirement, Crepinsek was a senior researcher at Mathematica Policy Research, where her work centered on childhood nutrition and school food environments.

Mary Kay Crepinsek, N84
Mary Kay Crepinsek, MS

Today she remains active in the Friedman School’s vibrant alumni community and serves on the Tufts Nutrition Council. She and her husband, Robert, included a gift to the school in their estate plan, which will support the Friedman Fund and financial aid for the Frances Stern dietetics program. Crepinsek hopes their gift will extend the school’s empowering education and its tradition of “valuing high quality work.”

“That’s what has driven me throughout my career,” says Crepinsek, “and it’s still important to me.” The chance to give back to the school, she adds, was helpful motivation to complete her estate plan—an important personal goal— and knowing she is strengthening the Friedman School’s future is a source of joy.

infographic that reads: 471 new endowed scholarship funds created university-wide since the beginning of the Brighter World Campaign

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